On February 3, 2020, an open lesson was held on the topic: “Methodological foundations of higher education pedagogy”

Lecturer: Ed.D., Professor Kalkeeva K. R. (Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge).

  Particular attention is paid to the structure of methodological knowledge: philosophical, general scientific, concrete scientific and technological levels. And also, the specific methodological principles of methodological research (personal, activity, dialogue, cultural, anthropological approaches, etc.).

The emphasis is on the fact that the methodological basis of higher education pedagogy is a system of fundamental, philosophical meaningful provisions that form the core of science and affect the course of its development.

   Kamariash Raikhanovna paid special attention to the fact that in the conditions of modernization of the modern education system, the role of the innovative activity of the teacher is growing. The innovative nature of the activities of the researcher’s teacher presents high requirements for his culture, creative opportunities, professionalism, their training system, which puts the research function as a priority.

The emphasis is that without methodological knowledge it is impossible to competently conduct scientific and pedagogical research. Such literacy is provided by mastering a methodological culture, the constituent parts of which are: design and construction of the educational process; awareness, formation and creative solution of pedagogical problems; methodical reflection.

Today, as noted by Kamariash Raikhanovna, the formation of such personal qualities as creativity, creative activity, readiness for lifelong education and self-education, the ability to search activities, and the ability to generate new knowledge that are key to the development and establishment of the research work of a teacher becomes important.

The lecture was accompanied by a presentation, the form of the conversation, dialogue. Kamariash Raikhanovna took into account the specifics of students' specialties. It should be noted the practice-oriented approach, the ability to create a favorable, working environment. As noted, the teachers, doctoral students and undergraduates present, had fruitful communication.