Tutor’s hour "Hour of honesty".

On 16.02.2020, at 18: 00 o'clock, the curatorial hour which called "Adaldyk sagaty" was spent under the guidance of advisors S.K. Akhtanova and A.Sh. Mutalieva with the 2nd-year students of the group “Preschool education and Training”.

The curatorial hour began:

"Adamdyq borysh ary ushin,

Barsha adamzat qamy ushin.

Sert bergen enbek etem dep,

Aldaqy atar tan ushin"

The purpose of the curatorial hour is:

Give students an idea of honesty, truth.

To promote the development of good human qualities, such as kindness, intelligence, truthfulness, benevolence, etc., in order to instill spiritual and moral qualities in students. Education of respect and kindness to each other.

The subjects of the curatorial hour:

1.To strengthen their friendly relations by telling students about their friendship.

2.To educate students to be honest, teach them to avoid selfishness, arrogance, and other bad habits.

Students of the 2nd year of the group “Preschool education and Training" and students of the 1st year of the educational programs "Pedagogy and Psychology" was given an idea of honesty, were shown videos to them, as feedback werev asked questions to the students. Students were an active.