Round table on a theme "labour-market and IV industrial to revolution".

Оn April, 6 in 2018 in accordance with the plan of ten-day Science Period on the department of "Philosophy" "Адам-Зат" organized in a civilized manner - took place a philosophical club round table on a theme "labour-market and IV industrial to revolution".

At the round table present faculty advisors of department "Philosophy" and students. As a theme the program was taken, where the questions of елбасы came into question. N.A.Nazarbaev "About five social initiatives of President".

In this program "Five social initiatives of President" conducted it was marked in youth politics of the state, that the most wonderful possibilities in the period of development of young people.

In particular, by the first initiative: the "New acquisition of accommodation options for every family". Second initiative: "Decline of the tax loading for the increase of salaries of low-income workers". Third initiative: "Increase of availability and quality of higher education and improvement of terms of residence of student young people". Fourth initiative: "Expansion of микрокредитования". Fifth initiative: "Further gasification of country".

Within the framework of round table the on-line tutorials of the Kazakhstan and foreign grant funds were discussed. During round table faculty advisors and students showed the activity and collaboration. Were put question from the side of students and teachers, students expressed the opinion.