Assistance to the school from the department

The Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge of the Faculty of Social Sciences on Friday (02.26.2021) in the Z00M program met with the staff of secondary school 29 in Nur-Sultan. The main goal of this event was to organize the research work of teachers and to assist in the management of the research work of students at the request of the head of the organization of the research work of the school Kozhanalyeva Aygul.

The webinar was opened by the head of the department Slambekova Tolkyn, who spoke about the department and its scientific potential.

Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Acting Professor N.P.Albytova made a report on the need for scientific research, the development of research projects and the use of the potential of subject sections, research potential. It was also noted that research work will open up new sources of knowledge and integratenew modern ways of teaching into the pedagogical process.

The webinar included questions and answers of concern to individual teachers. When answering questions and during the proposals of A.O.Kozhanalieva, G.S Sydykova, A.S.Baimakhan, U.Esen, G.N.Zhumatova, A.Zh.Makhmetova, A.Serikbolkyzy, K.S.Narbaeva and other teachers showed a desire to organize webinars of this content. As a result, the professors of the department have planned to provide teachers and students with scientific and methodological recommendations for conducting research.

Students of all levels of the department were involved in dialogues with the school, in providing assistance to their requests, and in the future this process will be continued.