In the period from 10.30.2023 to 11.05.2023, senior teachers, postdoctoral students of the Department of Philosophy of ENU named after L.N. Gumilyov, SNS of the project S. Shakirov, T. Mustafina and SNS of the project A. Amangeldiev, with the aim of exchanging and collaborating research with foreign experts within the framework of the project “AP19679307 - Development Strategy of Kazakhstan: the problem of mediation in resolving modern social conflicts”, a business trip was carried out to IRCICA ( in Istanbul.

A meeting was organized with the management of IRCICA, represented by the Director General of IRCICA, Professor Mahmud Erol Kilic. Also present at the reception were the head of the IRCICA research and publications department, Professor Cengiz Tomar, and the consultant for Central Asian studies, Professor Ashirbek Muminov.



Familiarity with the scientific base allows us to note that the Institute pays considerable attention to the study of issues of dialogue between countries and cultures representing the Islamic world. Thus, the Institute adheres to a consistent policy of rapprochement and dialogue between the countries of Central Asia.


During the meetings and substantive discussions, issues and problems of implementing mediation were discussed. The actualization of the problem is related to the issues of mediation in the Islamic world and the strengthening of traditional Islamic values ​​in modern Kazakh society. During conversations with the Director General of the Institute, it was emphasized that one of the tasks of IRCICA is the development of cooperation between Muslim countries. The management noted that the institute is not only a cultural center, but also an auxiliary body of the organization of Islamic cooperation. It is composed of representatives from nine member states, including one from host country Turkey.


Also within the framework of the project, researcher Amangeldiev A.A. discussed mediation issues with Bulent Shenayem PhD at Uludağ University in Bursa.

This business trip allows you to exchange expert opinions with Turkish researchers in the field of understanding social tensions and resolving social conflicts.