As you know, by decree of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, 2020 is called the year of the Volunteer. In this regard, and in order to develop volunteering at the university, the club of environmental volunteering was opened at the faculty of social sciences of the university. The opening was attended by Vice-Rector for Welfare Development D. Kamzabekuly, Vice-Rector for Research Work Merzadinova G.T., Head of the Department of Scientific and Technical Programs A. Moldakhmetova, representatives of the Center for Youth Policy, staff of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge, students, undergraduates and doctoral PhD students from different faculties of the University.

The purpose of the club is to establish a platform as a structural component of the "Green University "for informal communication between students and teachers on topical issues of environmental education in the development of the "Green University".

The club opened within the framework of the ideas of the scientific project "Greening of the university education system as an innovative way to modernize the spiritual consciousness of students" (supervisor Professor Dlimbetova G.K.) and dissertation of the doctoral student of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-Knowledge Abenova S.U.

The audience of the environmental volunteering club was decorated in the style of environmental design at the expense of sponsorship funds of the company "Tikurilla", which is a leading manufacturer of environmentally friendly paint products and maintains the cleanliness of the surrounding space. Eco-volunteers of the university themselves also actively participated in the design of the audience design.

Vice-rector D. Kamzabekuly and Merzadinova G. T., Dean of the faculty Kashkhynbay B.B., head of the Department of SPS Slambekova T. S. noted the relevance of the opening of the club in the run-up to the year of volunteers.

The head of this project, Professor G. K. Dlimbetova made a speech about the important role of environmental behavior of each student. PhD student Abenova S. shared about the work of the University's eco-volunteers and further plans. Within the framework of her master's thesis on the social and environmental significance of "Zhasyl Mektep"-as a promotion of the development of "Zhasyl University" for our country, a master's student of the Department of SPS Salimgozhinova Zh. spoke. Further, the undergraduates in the specialty "Foreign Philology" Slambek Zh. and Kadyrbekkyzy F. (scientific supervisor – Professor ENU Bulatbaeva K. N.) made a statement about the further involvement of students in the world environmental movement through the English professional language.

Active ecovolunteer of the faculty were awarded certificates, represented by Zh.Salimgozhina, D. Nurushkenova, D.Akimish, A.Berdalina, A.Bolatkhan, S.Kabdualiyeva, A.Kazieva, S.Taybuldinova, N.Sultanova, D. Orakbayeva, A. Sandibekova.

The management of the university thanked the organizers of the event, represented by the Dean of the Faculty B.B. Kashkhynbay, Head of the Department of SPS T.S. Slambekova Professor G.K. Dlimbetova, Head of Ecovolunteer of the University - Doctoral Student PhD S. U. Abenova and active ecovolunteers for the organization of this event.