Final report of industrial practice of students majoring in Psychology

On June 15, 2020, the final report on the results of practical training of 2nd and 3rd year students of the specialty "Psychology"was adopted on the Zoom platform in online mode.

The conference was attended by the head of the Department A.S. Mambetalina, responsible specialist Zh.T. Suleimenova, heads of practice M.M. Ryskulova, A. Zh.Kunanbayeva, G. Sh. Akymbek and all students of the group.

Industrial practice was carried out in psychological centers and institutions through distance learning technologies. In connection with the remote organization of the professional practice program, the following changes were made: for students of the 2nd and 3rd courses of the specialty "Psychology", the goals and objectives of practical work with the conditions of distance learning were adjusted. Methodological recommendations for the implementation of industrial practice using distance learning have been developed.

During the practice, the following Internet communication services were used:

1. The teleconference using the Microsoft Teams, Zoom Video Communications, Cisco Webex Meetings.

2. Forums for direct communication – WhatsApp, telegram.

3. e-mail Service – E-mail with the possibility of cloud storage of educational material on the mail server

The students familiarized the Commission members with the results of their practical training in detail. Passed the accounting documents of the practice: individual work plan, diary and reports. By the decision of the Commission, all students successfully completed their practical training.