Тhe results of the practical training of 4th-year students of the Department of Psychology

From January 3 to February 12, 2022, a professional industrial practice of students of the 4th year of bachelor's degree in the specialty "6B03103-Psychology" took place.

Of the 38 students of the Department of Psychology, 29 passed under 3-party agreements and 9 under 2-party agreements.

17 students have interned in educational institutions (kindergartens, schools, gymnasiums, universities), 15 students in psychological centers, 3 students in military units, 3 in other organizations under the guidance of experienced psychologists.

On February 14, 2022, the final conference on the protection of students' reports and summing up the results of practice was held.

During the conference, it was established that the students fully completed the tasks provided for by the professional practice program and methodological recommendations. Graduates have consolidated their theoretical knowledge in practice, mastered the basic diagnostic techniques, analysis and methods of data processing, correctional and developmental programs under the supervision of supervisors. In particular, AVA-therapy when working with children of the autistic spectrum, projective techniques, team building trainings, development of communicative abilities, time management, methods for the study of the emotional-volitional sphere and many others.

In general, the results of the practice are very successful.