My childhood game

On September 23, within the framework of the “Rukhani Zhangyru” program, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of Akhmet Baitursynov, the spiritual leader of the Kazakh people, an outstanding thinker, writer, Alash Orda resident, a master class was held at the university on the national game of asyk atu called “The Game of My Childhood”. This game is part of our national traditions, the continuity of generations. After all, our ancestors played asyk ata.

The dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Somzhurek B.Zh., the head of the department "Physical culture and sport" Marchiabeva U.S. participated in this event. and other educators-athletes.

During the event, we interviewed students who showed interest and came as spectators.

“We have a good impression of today, and we are glad that an action was organized among the students for the revival and popularization of this national game “asyk atu”. We remembered our childhood. I want to express my gratitude to our teachers who participated in the promotion of our national values. I had to learn a lot,” Usmanov Meirzhan says.

The most interesting thing is that the master class was attended by Amanzholova Aruzhan and Daniyarova Kamila, students of the Eurasian National University, who defended the honor of the country among girls at the World Championship in demon asyk. “We are trying to glorify the game of asyk among the students of our university. I have a good impression of today. I am glad that now the game is being revived and has reached the national level. Asyk atu is a very useful game. It develops endurance, eye, fine motor skills of hands, develops accuracy, flexibility, dexterity and resourcefulness. Modern children who are immersed in all sorts of gadgets, such a game is simply necessary. But it is also very interesting for adults,” says Camila Daniyarova, winner of the World Cup in national sports, held in Romania.

In recent years, interest in asyk atu has been growing, especially after the National Olympic Committee of Kazakhstan officially recognized this game as a sport. At the end of the event, we interviewed Zhomart Sabyrzhanuly, director of the Asyk Atu Republican Federation, Honored Coach of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of the Kurmet Order, honored guest of our evening:

- Among our traditions and national games, "asyk atu" is embedded in our genetic code. Learning more about the Kazakh national game "Asyk", we understand that we also have something to be proud of, that modern society has undeservedly forgotten the national traditions and customs of the ancestors, that "Asyk" is a very useful and exciting game. We strive to preserve the experience of our ancestors, this is the national wealth of Kazakhstan. It is through rituals, traditions and customs that the connection between generations takes place, which is considered one of the main conditions for the modernization of consciousness, the preservation of our own national ethnic code, the foundation of which is patriotism. Today we are participating in the transfer of the national heritage to the next generation. Our society needs national traditions, customs, national sports.

It is a pleasure to participate in organizing and holding various master classes at our university that glorify our national value! We wish that in the future the number of young people who will defend not only the university, but also the honor of the country on “asyk atu” will increase!