L. N. Gumilyov ENU in the working group оf the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the draft law

On 24.11.2020, a regular meeting of the working group on the draft Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "on amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on inclusive education" was held. The meeting discussed the amendments made by items relating to "special psychological-pedagogical support of persons (children) with disabilities, psycho-pedagogical support – system-organized activities, implemented in educational institutions, in which, socio-psychological and pedagogical conditions for the successful training and development of individuals (children) with special educational needs based on the assessment of special educational needs. In the work of the group, the Eurasian national University named After L. Gumilyov is represented by the candidate of psychological Sciences, head of the Department of psychology A. S. Mambetalina.