Environmental education in the context of international obligations at Bauman Moscow State Technical University

On June 5-6, the 10th International Scientific Conference on the problems of ecological ideology "The ecology of man and nature in the information and technology environment” was held at the base of Bauman Moscow State Technical University.

The international conference is held with the aim of understanding in the educational environment the goals and problems of environmental education in the context of international commitments as a direction of modernization of the education system in the conditions of transition to environmentally sustainable development for the period up to 2030. The following areas of work were discussed at the event:  

- philosophical problems of human ecology and nature in the information technology environment;

- problems of ecology of culture in the conditions of information and industrial technologies;

- problems of human ecology and Ecopsychology;

- problems of environmental education and upbringing for sustainable development.

The famous scientists of the international scale – Zakhlebny A.N., Dzyatkovskaya E.N., Falko V.I., Khromova A. M. and others participated in this event. From the Kazakhstan side G.K. Dlimbetova (professor of department of SPS of Gumilyov  ENU) acted as the moderator of a plenary session. Her separate performance concerned a subject "The virtual ecological platform of student's youth within implementation of the concept of "green economy" of the Republic of Kazakhstan (in collaboration with PhD student S.U. Abenova).

Additionally, doctoral student of the department of SPS Abenova Saulet made a speech at the conference with a problem of creation of psychology and pedagogical conditions for activization of youth in ecological volunteering. PhD student Abenova S.U. was a member of the Program Committee of the event and this is a high confidence for young conference participants from Kazakhstan and L.N. Gumilyov ENU.

The event gave an opportunity for the conference participants to update internationally the basic concepts of sustainable development, the formation of the ecological paradigm in the public consciousness and the environmental imperative.