University Open Day "Entrant - 2022"

On March 26, 2022, in the Main Building, the Atrium "Kultegin" of L.N. Gumilyov ENU, an event on career guidance was held on the Open Day of the University "Entrant – 2022" for graduates of schools in Nur-Sultan and Akmola region. This event was attended not only by students of Nur-Sultan and Akmola region, but also from nearby regions.


The event began with the Presentation of ENU educational programs (exhibition of faculties and military department). The Faculty of Social Sciences at this event presented a range of educational programs for which students of the department are trained. Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Somzhurek Baubek Zhumashevich, as well as heads of the Departments of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge Asylbekova M.P., Physical education and Sports Marchibaeva U.S., Philosophy Medeuova K.A., Psychology Mambetalina A.S., Sociology Baigabylov N.O., responsible for career guidance: Kudabekov M.M. responsible for the faculty, acting Associate Professor Temirov K.U. (Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge), Associate Professor Aitysheva A.M. (Department of Psychology), Abdibek A.D. (Department of Philosophy), Senior lecturer B. Kalemshariv (Department of Religious Studies), as well as senior lecturer Aimukhambetov T.T. (Department of Religious Studies), Acting Associate Professor Tyshkhan Kenshilik (Department of Religious Studies), senior lecturer Kaukhanova M.S. (Department of Physical Education and Sports), undergraduate OP "Pedagogy and Psychology" Tabaran Daria (Environmental Volunteer Club) explained in detail to the students about the educational programs that are being prepared at the Faculty of Social Sciences.