The orientation conference on practice was held at the Department of Sociology

Teachers of the Department of Sociology held an introductory conference on educational and industrial practice for first, second  and third year students of the Kazakh and Russian languages ​​of education. During the introductory conference, the senior lecturer of the department Isabayeva Shynar Suindykovna explained to the students the purpose and objectives of the practice, spoke about the university policy implemented in the field of practice organizations.

Lecturer Shynar Isabayeva familiarized students with normative documents on internship (internship program, diary, reports, characteristics and methodological recommendations), spoke about safety in organizations where students were sent. Also, the teacher Shynar Isabayeva advised the students on the policies and rules of the organizations in which the students will have an internship. Teacher Isabayeva Sh.S. explained to the students how to control the practice, what happens if the student does not pass the practice and how the practice will be protected.

During the introductory conference, the main issues regarding the organization of the practice were explained and analyzed, the students were provided with all the necessary timely information.