On December 07, 2017, the Cathedra of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge has organized a round table on "Requirements to Modern Staff" in the direction of "School-University" jointly with the Cathedra of the Cathedra. The round table was organized in accordance with the Plan of the Cathedra of the Cathedra for 2017-2018 and the decision of the Scientific and Methodological Council of the Eurasian National University (Protocol No. 3 of November 21, 2017). The aim is to promote scientific advancement, practical application of advanced pedagogical practices, methods and technologies. The event was attended by the staff of the school-lyceum No.48, Kuanygalieva TK, the chair of educational and methodical work of the faculty of social sciences, Abetova ZT, faculty and students of the Cathedra, students and undergraduates.

The Dean of the Faculty KB Kashkhynbay opened the round table and informed about the current training requirements and the potential of the Cathedra of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge of the Eurasian National University. Also, the head of the Cathedra, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor K.K. Shalgynbayeva reported on "Issues of formation of professional competence of future specialists".

The staff of the educational-methodical Cathedra of the university, chair of the educational-methodical work of the faculty Z.Abetova highlighted the innovations in the university aimed at improving the training of new specialists. Master classes teachers of school-lyceum № 48, teacher of self-knowledge M.Ahmetkalieva and psychologist Zh.T. Azimbai shared his experiences in the field of "Social teacher and self-knowledge teacher in school practice", "Person of the teacher of self-knowledge", "Pedagogical readiness for interpersonal communication".

As the round table was organized in the form of question-answer and debate, students were able to get answers to their questions, to discuss and share their theoretical knowledge with practice.

        The organizer of the event was Cand.Ped.Sci. T.S. Slambekova, Head of the branch of the sub-Cathedra, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor N.P. Albytova noted that the next branch of the Cathedra will continue with psychological work with professional orientation, "risk group" children.