On April 02, 2020, teachers of the Department of Social Pedagogy and Self-knowledge of the LN Gumilyov Eurasian National University, the Faculty of Social Sciences with Professor F.N. Zhumabekova (Candidate of Pedagogic Sciences, Associate Professor A.I.) conducted an action, "100 Books for Children" to a new opened kindergarten # 95 in the Esil district of Nur-Sultan city . It was organized with the help of volunteer group students from the Rukhaniyat club, specialities 5B010100 - Preschool education and training let by Omarbekova.

The head of the kindergarten Anar Doldabekovna welcomed the students and introduced them the well-equipped rooms, group rooms and material resources of the kindergarten.

Teachers donated to educators 50 books specially signed by authors including textbooks and teaching aids. Students have presented 50 books to preschoolers that contain fairy tales, stories, poems, puzzles, folklore and other.

Professor Fatima Niyazbekovna, the head of the Rukhaniyat club opened  presentation of book with the aim to increase students' interest in their profession, improve their professional skills, and master the basics of communicating with children by the lead of  volunteer year.  The books were presented in groups of 25 with blue tied ribbon. The leader of the kindergarten Anar Doldabekovna, the methodologist Gulzipa Sauranbekovna, Fatima Niyazbekovna and the student Asel Asanova were awarded to tied these ribbons. Students also shared their ideas about the content and value of these books. Asel Asanova, 2nd year student performed song "Jelsiz Túnde Zharyq-ai" in a beautiful emotional voice for the 175th anniversary of Abay Kunanbayev.

 Anar Doldabekovna wished professional luck to the future teachers, described the wonderful things, special interesting moments, practical opportunities for working with babies.

Students summarized their impressions. Opening of such kindergartens will definitely increase Parents' interests and competitiveness of this educational institutions. The names of the younger age groups in the kindergarten are named after the varieties of apples, such as "Pink Pearl", "Golden Apple" and "Fudzi". I liked the special modern design and aesthetic requirements. The cabinets of the "Seven Art", "Seven Toys", "Education of Goodness" and etc. were made in  modern style. Such these rooms show  the model of the new format in kindergartens as a good example for generations.